NAB 2019

What to Expect at the Show

We've got an exciting show in store at NAB 2019!

First up is SwitchBlade, a revolutionary NEW appliance that removes the barriers to seamlessly sharing studio operation and high-quality programming between facilities, sports venues, and other sites in separate locations. With it, you have bi-directional communications with codecs, phones, etc. which allow you to repurpose studio codecs as remotes while SwitchBlade acts as a 24-channel studio unit. Additionally, it provides the means for moving 24 channels of linear audio between two facilities while simultaneously providing full control, logic, and ACI implementation through your WheatNet-IP audio network. And there's a LOT more to it. The possibilities are enormous for today's broadcast world.

PhoneBlade is a remarkable broadcast phone system that bridges VOIP/SIP systems with AoIP, providing you with options to bring clean, maximum quality phone audio to any channels on your console and return audio via mix-minus, all without hybrids. It supports up to 12 simultaneous phone connections (depending upon configuration) and will be available with optional 6 or 12 channel standalone or console-mounted controllers.

We also will be showing a compact new TV IP control surface and IP stagebox designed from the ground-up for modern efficient audio-for-TV applications - both studio and remote. Designed to fit in tight studios or trucks, this duo is perfect for working with the current and upcoming standards that are being rolled out to the TV world.

Also for TV we'll have a virtual way to monitor and control your TV audio from anywhere, based on our Dimension Three consoles. 

In processing, we're introducing the X5. While developing the X4, we kept coming up with more and more ground-breaking new features, so we decided to move right on up to the next version. And you'll be glad we did. With Unified Processing, the LIMITLESS Clipper, MPX SyncLink, FM&HD LiveLock, PPMport, Live Logger, complete system logging, and Kantar support, there are now many more ways to give your listeners the sound they crave. Additionally, we will have the MPX SyncLink, which allows you to keep your X5 in the studio for easy access while delivering a multiplexed sync-locked FM/HD signal direct to the transmitter, completely eliminating link-induced diversity delay errors.

And with our new dedicated Glass LXE, we're giving you a full-blown LXE console live on a tablet - with no need for a Virtual Mixer Interface. Gorgeous. Or, if you need to control your physical LXE console from anywhere you happen to be, we've Remote LXE for you.

There'll be a LOT more. Come see us at NAB Booth N6806!

Wheatstone's Sessions at NAB 2019

Components of Cloud-Based Broadcasting, from Content Creation to Delivery 

Sunday, April 7  10:40 AM - 12:00 PM 
Location: N260 - C 

What will it take to migrate your broadcast operation to the cloud? With IP now widely used to move audio and video around the facility and many of the tools needed for broadcast production already virtualized, few barriers remain for the cloud-based operation. Wheatstone’s Dominic Giambo discusses the uses, the components and the technologies that make up the cloud environment. He covers private and public Cloud Service Providers (CSP), the how and why of SIP connectivity, and latency, codecs and security issues. He goes over creating, editing and mixing programming using cloud-based applications as well as decentralizing operations and program distribution using IP connectivity as an alternative to C-Band satellite services. Finally, he presents acceptable thresholds for network latency and jitter based on recent lab experiments and new findings on codecs and other components of the cloud based operation.

Commissioning AES67 in Your Plant: Key Findings 

Tuesday, April 9  3:40 PM - 4:00 PM 
Location: N260

AES67 has clearly emerged as an important standard that will eventually find its way into every broadcast plant that includes audio. AES67 is the audio transport standard defined by SMPTE 2110-30 and is now supported by major IP audio network systems. How easy will it be for the average broadcaster to commission AES67 in their plant? Wheatstone's Dominic Giambo offers tips for commissioning AES67 based on real-world implementations and plugfests involving major automation and AoIP systems, and dozens of hardware and software devices. He covers how to map out an IP and stream multicast address plan, tips for configuring packet structure, and what to do about packet timing and sample rate incompatibilities as well as when to create SDP files. Finally, he discusses key findings based on hours of testing AES67 through a large system, including the results of stress tests that provide a guideline for robust operation.

Both events will be presented by:

Dominic Giambo - Senior Development Engineer at Wheatstone Corporation

Dominic Giambo is a senior development and systems engineer for Wheatstone. He specializes in embedded firmware and systems engineering as a key developer of the company’s WheatNet-IP audio network. He started his career with Harris RF as a contractor for the military developing portable software-defined radios. Dominic has embedded Linux experience as well as extensive experience with networking and distributed control systems, fault tolerant design, and automated testing. He has been involved in industry AES67 plugfests as the lead engineer responsible for AES67 implementation in the Wheatstone AoIP network. He has a BS in computer engineering, and an FCC Technician License for amateur radio (ARRL).

Find Us on the Show Floor

Here's a map of the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We'll be in booth N6806. 

NAB 2019 Map1

Wheatstone Won Three BEST OF SHOW Awards at NAB 2018 – Fingers Crossed for 2019!

ScreenBuilder Award Combo

EMX AwardCombo

Lightning Combo

At this year's NAB show, Wheatstone is the recipient of three NewBay BEST OF SHOW awards!

Our new ScreenBuilder 2.0 virtual environment creation tool took one from TV Technology. 

The new PR&E EMX AoIP console received one from Radio Magazine.

And the Audioarts Lightning standalone successor to the venerable R-55E took one from Radio World.

NewBay’s Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts, and are selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry.

“The NewBay Best of Show Awards at NAB are now in their fifth year,” said Paul McLane, Radio World editor in chief and NewBay managing director, content. “The program seeks to shine a spotlight on relevant innovations in technology as seen around the million-square-foot exhibit floor of the industry’s top trade show. The list of 2018 winners and nominees gives real insight into where and how rapidly our media tech businesses are evolving.”

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